Do inversion tables really eliminate back pain?

Apr 23 2014

We try to make sure that we don’t add something to this site that is a fraud, so I began some research on inversion tables and their benefits and what I found surprised me thoroughly. The Sunflower University Press has a great article on the benefits of inversion table therapy that gives some incredible information that you should take the time to read.

I expected it to be like a lot of other “remedies” that snake oil salesmen push on unsuspecting citizens who are hurting, in pain and distress. I always go into research expecting the worst from new and old “gimmicks” alike, but the inversion table is one of the few that actually work, so let me give you some specifics and a couple links to show you what i found so you can make an informed decision if you are looking into inversion therapy.

Many Doctors that have written about it, including the Mayo Clinic which stated:

Inversion therapy doesn’t provide lasting relief from back pain, and it’s not safe for everyone.

They claim it is just temporary relief, but it is easy to get on the table one, two, and even three times a day if you are in pain. It’s a fair tradeoff for temporary relief that is not addictive like pain management clinics that push addictive pills like clerks in a candy store push jelly beans.

There are some supposed dangers like high blood pressure and other medical issues that you should check with your doctor before starting an inversion therapy regime. Take the time to read the Wikipedia page on inversion and you will see that there has been many misunderstandings with inversion that was taken o8ut of content by the media over some studies back inĀ 1983.

The quiestion is not if it works, but how itt works and the fact that it is not a “Cure” for back pain, it is a simple tool that gives instant relief to millions each and every day without drugs, surgery and ongoing cost. You only have to buy and inversion table once if you buy quality and it cost less than the alternatives.

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What is the best vaporizer on the market today?

Apr 01 2014

I am not a review type person, but wanted to share my top 3 vaporizers. Although I am not going to review them myself, I will link to other reviews about my favorites.

There is no sense in reviewing them when others have stated in their reviews the things I agree with, so no need to reinvent the wheel on who has the best portable vaporizer on the market today.

My top 3 vaporizers

1. Magic Flight Launch box

2. Vapir NO2 Review

3. Palm 2.0 Vaporizer Review

Hope you enjoy the reviews. I believe they are as honest as you can get and hope you find the one that fits you perfectly.

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Using Your Vaporizer In Public

Mar 20 2014

When it comes to using your vaporizer in public it can be a tricky topic to approach. While you aren’t technically smoking with a vaporizer it still draws just as much, if not more attention, as a cigarette does in public. There are numerous vaporizer sellers that advertise that you can use your vaporizer anywhere you want, but this is very misleading. In fact, you have probably even read vaporizer reviews that have told you to be careful about using a vaporizer in public. If you are curious about using your vaporizer in public here is what you need to know.

portable vaporizer

You can’t just vape anywhere. Right now there are numerous laws in place banning all public use of water vapor cigarettes and vaporizers. The good news, however, is that these laws are purely regional. It may be a law in one state but be completely legal in another. This is where it becomes necessary for you to become informed about your local vaping laws.

Now comes the more tricky part of the etiquette of using your vaporizer in public. There are some people who are offended by the very sight of anyone that looks like they’re even thinking about smoking, so seeing someone actually using a vaporizer is sure to send that kind of person off the rails. If you think that the people in your area would be offended by you vaping then you may want to consider changing areas.

If you wish to use your vaporizer in doors then you need to take into consideration whether or not there are no smoking signs in the building. While vaping is not the same as smoking not everyone sees it that way and you need to ask the owner or manager of the building if vaping is permitted. If they say no then it is best to simply wait until you are home to vape. You need to remember that good etiquette makes all the difference.

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Vaporizer vs Cigarette

Mar 20 2014

If you are a smoker who has seen or heard of vaporizers and is curious then you may have a lot of questions. You may be wondering, specifically, just why someone would make the switch over to vaporizers. The truth is that vaporizers are superior to cigarettes in every way you can imagine. Here are some reasons why a vaporizer beats a cigarette any day of the week, hands down.

Think about the flavor that you get from a cigarette, if you can even call it flavor. That nasty, musty smoke is supposed to be appealing? With a cigarette you burn up the chemically bombarded tobacco so that it tastes absolutely nothing like tobacco. With a vaporizer, however, you aren’t burning the herbs or oils that you use. Instead you are creating a vapor which is packed full of real, authentic flavor. You never have to question what it is you are tasting.

When you start using a vaporizer you may feel like you are using some kind of sci-fi device. Whether you are using a desktop vaporizer or a portable vaporizer you might think that it is a little bit inconvenient compared to pulling out your pack of cigarettes and lighter and then lighting up. In truth, however, you only have to put the herbs in your portable vaporizer once and then you just have to take your vaporizer out and enjoy. No ashes. No constant mess making. Just pure vapor bliss. There are also electronic cigarettes like v2 cigs and Greens moke e cigs that do not use the dry herbs like other vaporizers and smokers are going crazy over them.

You know that icky feeling that comes after you smoke a cigarette? That really nasty feeling that coats your teeth? The one that makes you want to scrub your teeth clean? Yeah, that doesn’t happen with vaporizer. When you use a vaporizer you aren’t getting any of the nasty tar that comes with cigarettes. This means no bad breath and no stained teeth.

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Why Vaporizer Mods Are BAD

Mar 19 2014

Vaporizers are great things. They are superior to cigarettes in almost every imaginable way and they offer a truly unique experience to their users. However there are always some who will try to take a good thing too far and end up ruining it for themselves and others. We’re talking about vaporizer mods. Vaporizer mods are a very bad idea and here are a few reasons why.

We need to first clarify that a vaporizer mod is no the same thing as a vaporizer accessory. Putting a new mouthpiece on your vaporizer is an accessory. Trying to boost the heat levels of your vaporizer is a mod. Now that the difference is out of the way you need to understand that vaporizer mods are designed to overtax your vaporizer. Your vaporizer has heating limits for a reason: these are the temperatures that your vaporizer can run at while still maintaining function for long term use. If you try to push your vaporizer beyond its capabilities out of the box then you will end up with a vaporizer that has broken down much quicker over time.

Another reason why you should never mod your vaporizer is because it can actually be a fire hazard. If you mess around with your vaporizer’s heating element and you don’t know what you are doing (and let’s face it, most modders don’t) then you can easily cause a short and that means a fire isn’t too far behind. Needless to say, nobody wants a fire on their hands.

Vaporizers are designed to work as well as they do because that is as well as they can perform while still offering up a satisfying vaping experience. While we all probably dream of the perfect vaporizer the fact of the matter is that trying to make your vaporizer perform like something it isn’t will only make your vaporizer one thing: broken. This is a case where you must simply be thankful for what you have or lose it.

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